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The purpose of the Jan Soochna portal is to make the facility available to the common people along with social audit. According to the " जवाब देही कानून " proposed in the Budget Paper-2019, the responsibility of the officers of the departments should be compelled, so that the various departments and officers should be banned. Jan Soochna portal also has to provide an unbiased information to the common people under the same law.

Through Jan Soochna portal, information and facilities should be made available to the common people at the least click.

Information Technology and Communication Department will integrate the information of the following departments and make the various information of the concerned departments available to the public through the Jan Soochna Portal.

The purpose Jan Soochna Portal-2019 is to make information available in public departments, authorities, corporations, etc., in a simple language and easy manner according to the region-wise and private information, along with social audit. As per point number 180 of the revised budget 2019-2020, "Public Accountability Act" will be introduced for accountability of public servants, which will be applicable to all departments, authorities and corporations. "Jan Soochna portal-2019” https://jansoochna.rajasthan.gov.in should also make fair information available to the common people in a phased manner under the same law.

Jan Soochna Portal -2019 is the first of its kind in which the government Information about all the schemes implemented in the ward / panchayat should be provided in one place. It's implements Section 4 (2) of the Right to Information, 2005: "Every public It shall be the continuous effort of the officer that he shall not exceed the requirements of clause (b) of sub-section (1). According to the motive, the public through various practices of communicating at regular intervals from which there is also internet under Take measures to provide so much information So that the least support of this act is to get the information of the public Had to take”. 

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